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We love travelling and have always been intrigued by the Natural Produce from all the different countries

From piling them into our luggage to getting friends to bring it back for us. We’ve decided to bring in our favourites and share it with you! Therefore Hestia Sweets is born! Hestia is a Greek Goddess of family and we wish that our lovely wholesome snacks will be shared among your loved ones, to create that sweet memory!


Nuts and dried fruits have a long history and have been a staple in human diet ever since. Nuts and dried fruits have very low GI and packed full of health benefits. Dried fruits retain most of its nutritional value as only water content is removed from it for a longer shelf-life. We only share the finest nuts and dried fruits with you! These are carefully sourced from one of the best growers in their home country!

We felt that healthier snacks doesn’t have to be boring and we would like to share with you interesting snacks mixes that inject the fun into snacking!

We love nuts and dried fruits so much that we add it into our yoghurt, ice-cream, pancakes… And we made our own Granolas with it! We gift it to family and friends who echoed for more. A classic honey flavour that coats every oat and nut, perfect for a healthy breakfast!

We love snacking so much that it can happen at any time of the day and we want to provide convenient snacking for busy people like you! We have more than 20 selections of interesting mixes, premium selections and handmade granolas for you to choose from! We do the sourcing, you do the snacking!