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1. What are the payment modes available?

We accept Visa & Mastercard. All payments are made securely via our website. However, if you prefer alternate payment mode, we accept bank transfer as well. Drop us an email at enquiry@hestiasweets.com.sg on your order and we will advise you on our bank account details.

2. How much is the delivery charges and how are they delivered?

We offer FREE courier delivery on orders above $60. Orders less than $60 will be charged a $5 delivery fee. However, for our snack mixes, we offer FREE postage delivery even for one personal box ($22)!

3. So what is difference between Courier Delivery and Postage Delivery?

Courier Delivery is delivery to your doorstep. Postage Delivery is direct to your mailbox which will come in together with your normal mails handled by Singapore Postal service.

4. How long does the products take to reach me after placing the order and making the payment?

We are just as excited to send you our products as you are to receive them! We strive to get your order to you within 3-5 working days after payment.

5. What is the shelf-life of your products?

All our products best before dates and any special storage instructions are labelled on our individual products.

An estimated guide to our products shelf-life (though we have tasted some of our products beyond the best before dates and they tasted just fine):

  • Hestia Nuts Mixes- about 3 months from the date of packing.
  • Hestia Premium- they vary from products, do check the label at the back of the packaging.
  • Hestia Granolas- about 2 months from the date of baking.

6. How do you package your products?

We have tested our packaging to ensure our products remain fresh, the way we like it to be!

  • Hestia Nut Mixes- these are packed in high quality resealable bags for your convenience.
  • Hestia Premium- these are packed in high quality plastic jars.
  • Hestia Granola- these are packed in air-tight glass bottles to ensure the granolas remain crisp and fresh as these are freshly baked without any preservatives! Not to forget, it comes with its own complimentary wooden spoon!